All About The Postal Museum Trip.

Where do I begin, well the start obviously. It was my partners birthday towards the end of January, and needed to plan a trip, and when involves you being in wheelchair, you really have to plan, is there access etc. All the while keeping this a secret, it was hard. For the longest his wanted to visit The Postal Musuem, so looked on their website, booked our tickets, as that place gets crazy busy as booked train ride and the exhibition.

This brings me to next part, yes they had disabled ticket & concession (carer goes in for free), the train ride well lets just say ‘do as I say, and not as I do’ because you get warned several times you must be able to walk certain amount steps unaided, no support whatsoever, well may of lied big style, so please don’t do what I did, I was lucky the train we was on didn’t break down, it was the one before that had, I was very lucky, bless my partner he said if anything did happen he would make sure we get back to the top somehow. The actual ride itself, if you tall, or don’t like confined spaces don’t get on the ride, however the ride itself was good, got to see how actual post was sorted and delivered throughout the past, how it advanced over time.

The actual exhibition itself is split into two parts, learning about Royal Mail, from the workers to the history of how post was delivered over the course of time. How post became so popular, various stamps, I’m someone who still loves penpals/snailmail/postcards, I know people say it’s dying out, can’t beat happy mail as I call it, so perked my interests. The various uniforms, which I quite liked.

Heres the pics from the day:

How the mail was transported.

The red trains above the far right pic, is the carriages you go in, for the train ride, like I said tight, and you can’t lean on the doors otherwise makes the train stops, so really are snug as a bug.

The various stamps that was used, how the mail looked, love the art, illustrations, attention to detail. Theres lot more at the exhibition, but of course if uploaded all the pics, we be here all day, as it has letters from the past, the bookwork, the history behind each stamps that’s at the exhibition. Theres also interactive activities there.

There is a lift, one of those ones you have to keep your finger on the button, I’m not massive fan of them but work with what you got. Disabled toilets. It did become incredibly busy towards the later part, so if you not fan of crowds, or like me take time going around, choose time it be less busy. There is entry fee regardless if you don’t go on the train ride, so beware. I was glad I was able to pull off this excursion, without him knowing even though he pushed me in the wheelchair so holding back end of the route to him was a challenge too. For me even though wasn’t my birthday, found the museum informative, it was like stepping back in history, getting the sense of our grandparents, parents etc before phones was a thing, or a lifestyle, how important post was, now it’s about deliveries, bills, vouchers, and junk mail. I found it interesting, my partner liked it but once it got too busy he was ready to go.

Hope you liked the museum excursion.

PS- Heres our own customised stamp that we done, we may have had a lot of fun doing this πŸ™‚

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