Hospital Appointments- Cardio (Heart) Tests.

I’m changing it up a little, as did promise early this year, that I’ll bring you with me to my hospital appointments, however due to moving twice and having so many appointments, couldn’t keep up. So now things are not so chaotic, I can actually bring you along, or at least give you summary of it. As think it’s important as lifestyle blogger, a disabled blogger, someone who suffers with different illnesses physically and mentally, means it can off set other problems at any given time, some even unnoticed. Whilst inpatient not long ago, click here if not read it, explains briefly why. Having routine check ups, something arises whilst having ECG test, I did think why is the lady coming back to do it again, they only do that, if notice something, it’s harmless test, have a couple of monitors attached you, to read your heart beat rhythm, doesn’t take long at all. Well they noticed slight rhythm wasn’t correct, simple terms for you and me, so that set alarm bells…

If you someone like me, who’s been around the block when it comes to tests, you have open mind, it’s like bring it on, I got this type attitude. Not on all tests certain ones does scare me, and some I never want again. They mention you having CT Scan, I’m like yeah ok, nil by mouth, of course the time you told not to eat or drink, the time you fancy cup of tea, or food, normally wouldn’t be bothered with the evening nil by mouth, it’s the morning one hits me more, due to the meds I’m on, I need breakfast, so going without, you just feel weak, when don’t eat with meds I feel sick, so the joys of that on top, makes for extra grumpy Lucy. As I was staying in neurological hospital, I had to go to hospital nearby, guess what, I was fast asleep, woken up, time to go now Lucy, it was hospital transportation, they was EARLY. Didn’t even get chance to brush my teeth, I know disgusting right, in my Harry Porter little PJ’s (partner is the fan, not me, sorry), I wasn’t ready. Guess what so early, not even the staff was there yet….


Yep, it was like something out of horror film, nurse (from the ward came with me, for support) and we was just sitting there…..

Eventually staff starting coming in, by this point was already so tired before the test even began.

Bit more waiting, and the classic blood pressure machine, we’ve had ongoing relationship throughout the years, anyone who goes for tests, physical exam at the GP’s, been to A&E, inpatient you know the protocol.


Then it was time.


What wasn’t warn about, no one mention the extras, yes the dye, had that before, fine. Having a consultant over you, with all these liquid bags attached to me, you having beta blockers put in, asked me do you know what that is, any questions, honestly all could think about is need to pee, let’s get this test done, so I can go, honestly I wasn’t anxious, the time you expect me to be, I was un-bothered, I was more thinking how if I need to go pee now without all that put in me, how am I not going to pee myself when all the liquid goes in me, the breathing in, hold, was fine, did make sure I was relaxed, despite secretly really needing a pee.

You be happy to know, I didn’t wet myself (this wasn’t test where you needed full bladder, it was just where I was very tired at this point, wanting to get the test out the way, so I could relax and pee, haha, without the fear of missing my slot, as I was the first patient to go in). Afterwards one of the medics made me hot chocolate (oh that was so needed, the sounds I made, haha) and I got given a snack box, food, grumpy Lucy turned into happy bunny Lucy.


Then there was Cardiac MRI test (seperate day), whilst still inpatient there, this time went to complete different hospital, one not heard of, as previous one knew of as use to go there to see my rheumatologist consultant (don’t see him now). I’m now thinking really am ho when it comes to hospitals, including different county hospitals been to whilst away from home, local ones to me, other ones, so another one to add onto my list, St Barts hospital, must say it reminds me of airport inside, it was nice, lovely old buildings outside. Sadly no pics for this one, as the nurse and I was confused where to go, once again nil by mouth, so grumpy Lucy again, however not so, as had time to freshen up, get dressed, but this time hospital transportation was taking it’s time. At least wasn’t wait when arrived at hospital, they got straight to it, friendly staff. Guess what again, I’ve had MRI’s before, so thought I knew what to expect, nope saw liquid bags again, hmmm.. What now, they explained about the dye in me, that’s fine, the next bit oh hell no. Maybe it’s good thing didn’t know before, they put liquid in that speeds up your heart beat like ridiculous amount, oh forgot to mention, the breathing in, hold and out was too fast for me, with my asthma, my chest was finding it hard. The kicker and what pushed my body to have non epileptic seizures, was the heart rate one mentioned earlier, it was awful, wasn’t painful, just very uncomfortable, uneasy, just feeling like your body is out of control, double whammy for me. That was it, as soon as the test was done, as I know MRI are mega expensive, wouldn’t want to do it again, waste time and money, so done what I could. From there was blur, woke up in hospital bed, in their hospital bay, very worn out. Left in the morning, got back to the ward in the afternoon, as had to be observed until they released me back to the ward (thankfully had nurse with me whole time, so had help).


So tired, stayed in my hospital gown, after this pic, ate, not sure if had more non epileptic seizures once back, as it was just haze by that point, just crashed out. Later on the canola got covered up.


Normally I would have full information on the test, even google it, if had too, via letter in the post, however as inpatient I wasn’t in the full know of everything, I was just done as I was told, I didn’t ask questions, as knew was in the best care.

By the way the tests came out clear. I do have outpatient appointment in the cardiology department however that’s more local. Hope haven’t bore you with my come along hospital appointments, via being inpatient. It be interesting now when I do go to hospital appointment/tests, how I will be. In hospital I’m chilled, very blasΓ©, when outpatient it’s different story, I’m anxious night before, not about if have something wrong, just silly things like will I be too early, will the wait be ages, how will I feel afterwards, ok, more pain, tired etc, just going hospital, meh.. So do find it funny how I’m two different people when home and when inpatient.

PS- Please let me know, feedback, if you like these blog posts. I know my blog can come across like yo yo, however I enjoy making this blog about everything. Little something for everybody.

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