Journals oh Journals


Who doesn’t love stationery, a good journal for me is like gold to me well actually I am not a fan of gold, so perhaps something different to compare it too, hmm it’s like great piece of costume jewellery, extension of yourself. That’s how I see my journals, but compact with memories, ideas, inspirations, and doodles.

Currently using Hello Kitty activity book (centre of the three, in the pic) as a journal which is from WHSmith, everyone knows I LOVE HELLO KITTY. Β On the left is Hogwarts Β sketchbook, very stern book, even though I am not fan of Harry Potter, my partner is, I love the exterior, feels of quality. This was a gift from my partner, bought from Harry Potter Warner Bros, Studio Tour London, gift shop. Which I’ve been told will be my next journal to use once I’ve finished with Hello Kitty one, as he wants to remember the fun day he had at the tour, whilst I add my personality and doings to the Hogwarts sketchbook/journal along the way. And on the right is Votes For Women sketchbook/journal from Houses Of Parliament Shop, once again my partner bought me, he knows me well. This one means a lot of course thanks to them, us women are allowed to vote and treasure that, as can’t imagine the fight they had to go through, for women, and it’s something we take for granted nowadays.

Back to the journals, for me I love paper, that’s never going to change.

Are you into any journals/planners/sketchbooks/notebooks? let me know, also if you’ve done blog post about it, even better, link it in the comment section and I’ll check it out.



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