Mahalia Gig At Hoxton Square Bar And Kitchen

Wednesday 15th November 2017 I had the pleasure of going to Mahalia gig, remember when I said I talk about the support act at Mabel gig incase you missed that post,ย click here, well I ended up going to her headliner tour. All began when I found out who’s support act was for Mabel, so checked out her Youtube, instantly fell in love, checked out her songs, binged watched her performances, had it on repeat. So by time I saw her at Mabel gig I knew her songs. Singing along, jamming away, her performance had finished, Mahalia steps into the area I was, right next to me, trying to contain myself, I got to speak to her, and had moment to converse, hugged and then she left. Same night, leaving the venue Mahalia is at the exit, get to say goodbye hug again, like what… I spoke about in Mabel gigย feeling invisible, loner, feeling bit of loser until other people was in the area and turned it around.

Here’s pic of us at Mabel gig

It was very dark, so excuse lack of light.


After that gig, I find out Mahalia has headline tour, had to go. However due to delays of email trying to find out if the venue is accessible, by then had sold out, filled with disappointment, unfairness I went on twitter, not expecting response from the artist herself, yes I did @ her however my main aim was at the venue of course, Mahalia seeing it and reaching out to me was complete bonus. The next thing blown me away putting my partner and I on the guest list, like what… Me, no way.

Have to say huge thank you to my partner, not only taking me, but pushing me about, as the journey wasn’t short. Being back in East London felt nostalgic to me, last time was in Shoreditch was in my student days, back story for you I went to uni in East London, yes for South Londoner like me, the travel wasn’t easy, as remained to live in South London due to the fact, at that time living under charity that accommodates (young people) you temporarily until you get housed by the council, eventually I did whilst still in uni. Pre ill Lucy, part of me felt sad, the life of care free gone, everything has to be planned now, travelling etc. However happy that my partner got to see bit of East London that his never been before, he liked it. I’ve got fond memories, crazy, stressful memories of Shoreditch and now I’m making new memories, as disabled person.

Get to the venue, workers come to aid, gets a ramp, helps my partner with my wheelchair down. Downside no disabled toilets, bless the worker wish I knew his name actually helped me to the toilet door, two steps to it, no railings, so having his help, did help. Once in, erm I’ve not used normal loo since last year, forgotten how low they can be, and no aid, it wasn’t pretty site me trying to get down to the toilet. Thankfully the worker was waiting outside the toilets, helped me back to my wheelchair. Once in the venue, cornered us off, which was great, so wasn’t directly in the crowd, so didn’t feel bombarded, claustrophobic, and had direct view (well side view) of the stage.

Supporting act: Maisie Peters, I liked it, gave us back story to her songs, cool, friendly, talented person.

Lady Of The Hour Mahalia

In that moment got to escape from all my troubles, anxiety, illnesses and just be in this moment of storytelling. Rawness, honesty and her ability to capture you. I sang along, even my partner did when Mahalia said sing along, shock horror, hearing the music I’ve been listening too, maybe bit too much come to life, all over again, awesome.

Sadly my FND did appear at the end, whilst waiting meet and greet, then that moment of embarrassment came along, didn’t want others to see me shaking, twitching, my speech started to go funny, and just like that, I wanted to hide, my partner spoke to me, reassured me, it’s ok. After waiting ages, as didn’t want to jump in. I saw Mahalia mum, sweet lady greeted me, seeing how proud her mum was, won’t lie did touch me. Meeting Mahalia, oh nearly forgot, whilst she was performing in one song, she noticed me, looked directly at me, and smiled, can I just say, what….

Meeting Mahalia musician, cool guy, gave props to him, as he deserves it.

Heres pics of me with Mahalia:


I didn’t think I get to meet Mahalia again, such a lovely person may I add, thought see her perform, then home. Nope she done meet and greet after the show, a very achey tired, FND showing it’s very present I met Mahalia, remembered me and my partner, which I was surprised about, as she sees untold amount of people, once again, like what…. Yes the trip there and back was very taxing not just for me, but my partner too. For my chronic warriors out there, also the after effects of being out, but it was worth it. Getting out the venue, had help, ramp, men pushing me up, lady could get use to this attention, haha, will say their online team needs to be more cohesive, as twitter they say one thing, email its different, response time can be slow. Wouldn’t be fair as disabled blogger that don’t point out where needs work, as gets confusing, when chronically ill we can be easily confused just in general, so… No disabled toilets, not cool, sorry have to be honest, however very helpful team in the venue.

Want to say thank you to Mahalia, putting us on guest list so we could attend, making me feel comfortable, warming, less invisible, because I get overlooked so much it’s like part of life, (in society/social media), it’s refreshing when someone notices you, just positive vibes, needless to say overall had great time.

There will be outfit post to this gig coming soon.

PS- It was free entry for us, as we was on the guest list. All my opinions about the venue is my own, not been sponsored by the venue, or anything, I’m not high rolling like that..

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