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Brief Review Of Ready Player One. Cinema Date Outfit.

Needing that distraction time, my partner took this pic whilst waiting for the movie to come on, the same adverts they put on every time, besides the trailers, even they can be same, as they advertise them for awhile. A movie my partner was pumped for real long time, me only had heard of it day before, as showed me the trailer for it. We both walked in with different expectations, him high, me just meh.

So what movie am I going on about- ‘Ready Player One’ this isn’t me doing full review of the film, just that I really liked it, had references to various movies, games, books, music, me being in my 30’s I got the retro references, not that people younger wouldn’t, but kids wouldn’t get it, and to be honest I’m glad they wasn’t afraid to show scenes of cult classics, even saw my Hello Kitty, it was me, of course saw it. I was proud that knew the old games as well the new ones that’s in the movie. Overall it’s good film, the storyline as whole had more depth than I thought there be, cute little love story, friendships, good ole baddie, cinematography/graphics/animation was amazeballs, gets thumbs up from me.

Onto bit of outfit pics, what I wore for our cinema date.

Yes I had my afro loud and proud, it’s been very long time since I’ve had it in it’s true natural state, curls and all, I always feel bit like Macy Gray, I do like doing impressions of her, I try too, if I’am any good is another question. The weird thing with my hair, sometimes it can be more straight, real tight curls, to sometimes looser. I could wear my thinner jacket, hooray. I have my cycling/wheelchair gloves on, I’ll go on more about them as that’s whole other subject, that I will hit on about in separate post, not sponsored/gifted post about the gloves as paid for them, but it’s about my mobility.

Wouldn’t be complete if wasn’t me doing silly pose, just having some fun. Everything wearing is old, the jacket was on sale, got it for steal from New Look years ago.

Have you been to the cinema lately, what did you see? if not, what would you like to see?.

One thought on “Brief Review Of Ready Player One. Cinema Date Outfit.

  1. I like your outfit, my pretty lady in red.❤️ Blush pink turtleneck is a beautiful color on you. Cute jeans, too. I like the seaming, reminds me of riding pants. Lovely blog post.

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