Omeara London- Mahalia Gig Support Act Iyamah Round Up And Outfit Post.

Right at this moment as type this up, I have cold, sore throat, sniffles and all, when you chronically ill effects you more, as always my voice comes and goes when it wants too (every time). Anyway onto this post. You may of notice the name, if you follow my blog, I am fan of Mahalia, and have seen her perform before, blogged about it before click hereΒ at different venue, plus spoke about the access etc.

Onto this one, partner (yes I dragged him again) and I went to Mahalia gig on 15th March 2018 at Omeara, which isn’t far from London Bridge station, which was good, wasn’t difficult to get too.

Was greeted by friendly security, once inside greeted to more nice staff. Bought some merch which will be in separate blog post, so keep eyes peeled out for that.

Access: disabled toilet, tick, didn’t have the bars,Β as like standing up to stretch, then onto the toilet, so used my wheelchair for support, it’s not spacious room, so be aware.Β The toilet was near the woman’s and men’s toilets, so wasn’t far from them, so wasn’t far when my partner went to the loo, vice versa. I didn’t have the worry of steps, as you could go around to avoid them, yes the place was bit of mini maze, lots of doors (that’s how it felt to me). Could I get a spot I wanted (in the audience section)? yes. Security made sure I was comfortable, even when alone, one of them pushed me to the loo. Gave us directions when confused. The spot we had, if I needed exit I could, as near the doors, as they know can feel bit too much in very crowded room, had clear view of the stage.

Support act Iyamah, pic together above, was lucky on way out we bumped into her, had to have pic of course. Stunning isn’t she, watching her perform, introducing each song, it was good. Being introduced to new talent was fab, won’t lie loving the song ‘cryptic love’ it’s on Youtube (also music streaming apps).

It felt good being out, even had 18+ tag, it’s official I can drink, I didn’t drink my partner had couple of beers. Had a stamp, felt all official we was out.

You know me, best time to take outfit pics, is either at the station, or on the go, just easier, lighting action go..

I didn’t even need my fleece blanket, as it wasn’t cold to the point I needed it, for the first time since long time now. Although only until near home it got real cold.

Close up of my hair.

Nope, didn’t do it, carer.

Can’t beat bit of Vans πŸ˜‰

And The lady of the hour, Mahalia. Yes I sang along to every word, it was nice having the guitarist Charlie notice me in the crowd, gave little wave, won’t lie it was so cool. I even had someone in the crowd sing along with me, parts of the way, bonding over the music, since then we now follow each other on social media. Like I always say on here on my blog, I feel invisible (when not with family/friends/carers), so when the public makes me feel included, it’s great. I suppose being at the gig made me feel like was in community, just break from my struggles for a bit.

Yes Mahalia got to meet, I’m not her stalker I swear!!!

At her meet and greet, yes once again I was surprised Mahalia remembered us.

Overall had great night out from start to finish.

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