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All Black Everything

It’s miracle I can stand, omg you not always attached to your wheelchair, does that mean you still disabled, YES. All the time see on my social media, people being told their not disabled because they can walk, stand, which is stupid, stop with the stereo type of how ‘DISABLED’ person meant to look.

All in black, I just felt like taking pics, in my head I thought looked cute, mainly because of my hairstyle. So asked my partner as per usual, got out of my wheelchair, leaned against the wall for support took couple of snaps.

The only new thing I’m wearing in this outfit post, is my new glasses, as for some reason my eyesight wanted to change less than a year, yay, so these are my outdoors everyday glasses as you can see has tint, as turns out my eyes bit sensitive to light (had tint on my other glasses, one before, may of noticed). Don’t have them on my home ones, as I’m indoors, and my bank balance didn’t like the fact I had to change my glasses, even though went for bargain ones, the one I’m wearing here is Red Or Dead got it for half price, so that was awesome otherwise no way could of afford it full price, even with my NHS vouchers still had to pay for the tint that bumped the price, please don’t think I’m complaining about paying, as I am grateful, just wish it wasn’t so soon I was buying another pair of glasses. You forget how things can add up. And when it’s not for fashion, the geek cheek look, the trendy look, the I’m pretending to read a book look, yes I could go on with the cliches. This is the I really wear glasses look, I need them look, haha…

Oh heres the outtakes, bloopers whatever like to call them.

Looking like I am saluting, when really was just adjusting my glasses, but my partner kept taking pics. So thought it be funny to keep them in the post.

Resume back to blog acceptable pics.

I should say my black tracksuit isn’t as crinkle as it seems, literally got out my wheelchair, didn’t even fix up myself, took the snaps, very un blog like I know…

All black everything (ok not 100%, I know), who else has those days?! Or maybe that’s your look, let me know.

PS- Excuse the dog hair on my clothes, downside of wearing black, attracts dog hairs (joys of being pet owner, haha).


2 thoughts on “All Black Everything

  1. Looking fab Lucy. ‘That old hat’ if I can’t see your disabled then you’re not…

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