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Sea Life London Aquarium Day Out Trip

Right well this trip took place in January, I know months ago right, I’m a rubbish blogger but this is a hobby so….. My birthday present day out trip for my partner was attending Sea Life London Aquarium as his always wanted to go.

Obviously didn’t use the stairs, went through accessible area.

Be prepared for overload of cool pics taken by my partner.

Welcome to Sea Life.

Finding Nemo (couldn’t resist, it’s a GOOD film)

Beautiful details.

I let you guess the movies…

Try not to think of dinner you guys (I’m not obviously I’m a veggie) for the next pic.

Don’t mind us haha just swimming past in a pack.

Well hello there πŸ˜‰

So I would call these fancy beetles but they do have a name Pachnoda Beetles ( is it weird of me to say I like the patterns ie the the block of colours).

Selection of pics of different jellyfish, found it quite relaxing watching them.

Few pics I took of my partner in his element, enjoying the day out πŸ™‚

So funny he was the only adult to step into the close up bubble thing, even if he did struggle getting out and was like mini workout with his muscles..

Yes his McLaren fan through and through (F1 team) wearing the jacket.

Overall lovely day out, as mentioned before found it therapeutic, although being in my wheelchair meant at times I couldn’t see things due to some of the public just being plain rude, knowing I was there but still ignored me, kids walking over my feet parents not saying NOTHING, please adults tell ya kids not cool to be walking over disabled people feet, yes you shouldn’t do it anyway regardless (however it’s going to hurt us more), the rude abled bodied you don’t rule the space, prams being right in front for no reasons mums on their phones having chin wag, holding up the space for EVERYONE more than enough space for ya pram to be elsewhere while you on the phone. Rant over haha, there was plenty of nice people and kids, plus the staff were lovely. And that we will be back πŸ™‚

Have you been to any Sea Life centres? Worth going too.

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