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Outfit Ready For The Postal Museum

This sort of of continuation of my last post if you didn’t read it, click here for the post, just that it’s got me in it, and me semi posing around the museum as you do, haha…

That awkward smile.

Had my fleece wheelchair blanket unzipped, however footwear not on show sadly, my partner fell to tell me my shoes wasn’t on show, granted he took the pic and quickly told me to smile, this was my expression above.

Who doesn’t love these old phones, hello how can I help you?!

Casually reading.
And heres close up of my hair, in the below pics.

Thanks to my carer who done my hair, as no way, I could do it myself, even if I could physically, never was good at all that. Β And live too far apart from my Mum.

Bingo my footwear is in a shot, finally, sort of.

Fleece Leggings- Primark, Hoodie from the mens department- Primark, Black Bag from TK Maxx old, but’s a classic. It’s me, so everything else is old…

There you have it, end of The Postal Museum and me in this setting. Hope you’ve liked it πŸ™‚

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