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Where Have I Been

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I have missed blogging, oh hope when I don’t post for awhile it’s noticed, as that being egostic, I don’t know. Well have been busy on my other platform while blog been on silent end, have done YouTube Vids. And early this morning Whilst I have voice I will keep using it, and […]


Fresh Cut

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It might look the same to you, however I have gone shorter. My hair had grown fair bit since the chop so there was defiantly some length taken off, I naturally have thick hair so it was easy to create volume without teasing my hair or anything. My hairdresser bless her each step made sure […]


New Haircut. The Chop

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So couple of weeks ago secretly got my haircut, didn’t tell a soul that I was going to do it, spoke about it but never said when and if I do it for sure. After months of my hair breaking off, not growing the speed usually does. Finally gave me the push to chop it […]