With My Thoughts

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There’s something about parks, gardens, lakes, ponds I love. Getting fresh air, being in peaceful environment. Helps me clear my mind, I’ve always been like this, it’s my escapism, often through the darkest times of my life I’ve found solitude in these places. So when I am able to go somewhere like this, even though […]

country park

Outfit Of The Day With Crazy English Weather

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Doing my look at the beauty of the scenery shot, haha. Jumper dress with my jeans. Excuse the white bits windy day so some bits was blown in my hair, and my friend didn’t think to tell me, cheers, lucky it’s my chum.   Hello There Starting to rain, my scarf acting as a hood at […]


Rainbow Beauty

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Pictures was taken the other day, with the crazy British summer weather, more grey sky’s than anything. You have to capture the goodness when you can, even if it’s just the rainbow. It always makes me pause and look upon the ray of colours. Does the rainbow make you smile? Or make you pause, to […]