Mental Health Awareness Week. I’m Not OK

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It’s mental health week this week bit late to the party, as it’s Friday coming towards the end of it. Oh before go into my post, I’m from the UK so the dates may be different where you are, so please don’t go well it isn’t here, nonetheless I think it’s important to talk regardless […]

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Holiday Periods Can Be Hard

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Holiday periods isn’t always easy, when you not with family or on a holiday, can feel bit lonely or not living up to expectations, theres this pressure you must be doing something. It’s ok being home, just relaxing enjoying your own company, being with pets, or partner, binging on Netflix shows, watching movies. Taking page […]


Keep Me Sane Doggy

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Say hello to my little friend, although may of notice this pic is from instagram, I thought it was fitting for this blog post today. My partner thought it be great idea to go out, buy couple of things from my local high street, but this was during peak time of school kids coming out, […]


Depression. Suicidal

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This is personal very honest post, I know family members will be upset I didn’t turn to them, but if I am honest I feel ashamed, like why you are you down. I didn’t want a speech or anything. Depression is ugly thing, disturbing thoughts, battling with myself physically and mentally. It’s a challenge, yesterday […]

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Coming Or Going

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My presence online hasn’t been much as normal, can’t say my life has been crazy hectic that’s why, however just been ill a lot recently with other things, nothing life threatening don’t worry, no “don’t cry for me Argentina” moments. And if I’m honest my mood is like don’t know if I am coming or […]


Dazed And Confused.

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Looking through my pics I saw this one and knew straight away needed to use this one, thankfully I’ve not used this specific photo before on my blog. Honestly you can feel lost in this blogging community, I would love to go blogging events and events in general meet people, have that interaction. But it’s […]


Vlog Blog

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I know the quality is crap, just don’t have the energy to get out my camera out, set it up etc, I just wanted to talk and express myself. Lets chat x


Portrait Of Life

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Living with chronic illnesses is draining mentally and physically. Often wishing I could just switch it off, have peace. I can’t remember last time I’ve been to social event. That’s why I can’t exactly blog about events or social things as truth be told I don’t go out. So I concentrate on what I can […]