FIVE GUYS- My First Time


This is going to get me into trouble, but here goes. After years of hearing about this place, the hype, more and more opening up in London. If you follow my blog you know I moved this year, now transportation is more easier, better forms of transport where I am  so now it means can explore more when it’s possible. Finally tick on my burger list, yes I have burger list, this was on my list. We went to the Charing Cross one, literally right near the station, flat ground so could get in there with my wheelchair, however the layout wasn’t catered for wheelchair user, we found it hard to move around, there wasn’t anywhere for us to sit and eat, busy (I know it’s always busy, another reason why not been yet, as the queue be ridiculous and I’m inpatient, if I’m honest my anxiety goes bit crazy with the chaos, crowds sometimes), being inside, it’s like typical fast food joint, fast pace. A lot of time my wheelchair got in the way, was hard for my partner to turn me around, the seating area was impossible for us, couldn’t get to the second area of seating due to the steps, not dissing the place for that bit, just wished they thought more about wheelchair users, space wise, all the sit around table was taken, the only bit was the high eating table, so opted out eating there, instead we went to Trafalgar Square watched the world go by, something we like doing, just chilling, soaking up the city.

So why am I going to get into trouble, well honestly don’t think it’s worth the money, when I saw the bill, it took me back, you must be thinking didn’t you see the cost on the board, well one couldn’t see it (I don’t wear my glasses everywhere I go) and two like I said earlier it’s fast paced so don’t get time to really add it up, as you move onto next section, collection point. It was more greasy than thought it be, don’t ask what I was expecting, but reminded us of better version of McDonalds, that isn’t throwing shade, as the chips was nice, enjoyed them, but the price, when spending that type of money I expect gourmet burgers for that not that. Yeah it’s a tick off the list, I’m glad I tried it, I enjoyed the meal, the price for me killed it, that’s my opinion. Plus there’s still more on my burger list I need to try, yes I love a good burger, yes I know the calories blah blah I’m not eating it on weekly basis, I’m not that bad. What’s your views? Is it just me who feels that way…

There will be outfit post, to follow at later date. Without my jacket, as this was later on in the day, got cold.

Is there any favourite burger places in London, I should know about, that might be secret gem, new restaurant etc. Let me know in the comment section.



6 thoughts on “FIVE GUYS- My First Time

  1. Yeah Five Guys is over hyped to me. I travel a lot through America and I’ve had it a few times by request of whoever I was with at the time, telling me to try one more time. The burger is over priced, the big bag of greasy fries are nothing special and border line disgusting in presentation. I give it 4/10. I’d go before going to Burger King but that doesn’t say anything.

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  2. I think it’s slighly overpriced but the fact that they use British products and literally tell you the farm that their potatoes come from each week is impressive. Their customer service is consistent and kind of softens the blow for me.

    I don’t like the way that they scam you with the regular burger which consists of two patties verses the little one which to my mind is the normal size of a burger. The large variety of toppings that you can have make the prices not seem so bad.

    I always get a little burger and a small fries and it takes the price down a lot.

    Over all I think it’s the best fast food burger joint around in London but saying that the standard feels like it has dropped somewhat for me.

    Thanks for sharing this post though Lucy. Looking forward to your next one.

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