Personal Stationery

As I am still without laptop, cannot upload pictures. Makes it harder to demonstrate however I still wanted to do this blog post. This has been something I have always enjoyed and got the chance to do at university, which made me see I could possibly do it. You all now wondering what is this girl on about, well what do we all like to receive- cards, greeting cards.

Just to test the waters first, I want to send a card whether that’s a Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Congrats, Thank You card etc. I’ll be making the card/writing/designs myself. Mock version of what I like to be selling perhaps. Who knows?!

If you are interested please do leave a comment, leave you’re email address so I can contact you about address’s etc. Only can send to the UK, I’m afraid because like I said it’s just a mock/tester/sample. Not an item to be sold.

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