Waterloo- Leake Street Graffiti. Through My Eyes.

If you never been to London, and love bit of graffiti (the good kind) then you will like Leake Street situated near London Waterloo Station.

These photos were taken back in beginning of September 2017. So the art work might be different now, if you visit there.

You may notice at the end of the title I say ‘Through My Eyes’ if you newer reader, or might not remember as don’t post these on regular, it’s pics taken from my wheelchair, with DSLR camera. Little reminder, look back, here is the last one I done, click here.

People seem to like the concept, and I hope to do more of these. On this day, it was tough as had been discharged from the hospital, been going there for so long, it was like break up of long distance relationship see each other now and again, sometimes frequent, it was the place that diagnosed me well couple of things in that particular hospital where others failed, even made friends with other patients, so it holds special spot. I know if my health goes in wrong direction and I am in need, I can be referred back. My partner brought me here, after the appointment, to lift my spirits.

Seeing work in motion, gave me much-needed distraction. Loved the colours, spotting things we know.

So why now, am I posting, well it’s been one of those weeks, my FND/NEAD been playing up this week that doesn’t help my fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, then just as calmed down get news that I wasn’t hoping for, so funny enough made me think about Leake Street, then realised not posted it.

I do have some cool fab graffiti art in my local town, if you interested seeing other spots, I know of course East London has cool spots of graffiti art, and various other areas of London. When I am lucky to be visiting elsewhere, could throw that into the mix. Once theres better light, not so cold will attempt to take some graffiti art pics. But for now, lets continue Leake Street.

Who remembers this game Pac-Man?!

Loved this piece.

That’s it for now, hope you liked seeing this as much as I did looking at it.

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