The Struggles 

Where do I begin, well this isn’t all roses and daises blog post, real life, no fairy dust, filter, or any pretence. So often online, we only see the great stuff on peoples social media, for me I don’t mind having a rant on my social media, as I am not someone who only puts out there the great things going on in my life. If I’m honest this year so far, has been very stressful, not just with living arrangements, if you been following my blog, if not check out this blog post explains all ‘Disabled And Robbed‘, I’ve had A LOT of appointments- doctors, hospitals, clinics, and trying to keep up with them, medications etc, with other things. So many changes, if anyone knows me I don’t do well with changes , for example different GP the one I had before previous property I was with them for 10 years, I had history with them, it was thanks to doctor (since retired many years ago) who pushed fight for me to get diagnosed, pushed for Central London hospitals to take me on, from there actually got the right help. Other doctors (whom retired too) built bond with, then my other doctors too, as if not gathered by now, I do have to visit the doctor fair amount, at times. Now I’m right at beginning, feels weird the GP not knowing me. Like even when I had specialist consultant for many years, when that ended, felt like a relationship broke up. Like even my carers have changed this year, previous carer had for a year, so lot has changed for me. And it’s a lot.

And I know I’m slacking in blog content, I just can’t fake it, as have ideas, stuff want to do on here, but you know what just not been right head space, and energy. As my little bit  energy has been needed elsewhere, just little problems here and there, nothing life threatening, so don’t worry. I think battling with mental health as well as physical health,  things can get blurred, and it can be massive cluster fuck. It’s something I want to speak more on, in separate blog post. The struggles, battling with so many elements. So many perfect images of lifestyles out there, people forget theres other images, pain, hurt, fatigue, lost, lonely to name a few. So open your eyes to different things, I know we all like to escape when low, but sometimes hearing someone else feels the same can mean great deal, knowing hey I don’t have my life all together, yeah not all of us, have careers, or have a car, can only afford to shop in charity shops, Primark, TK Max, discount shops, or when high street shops doing massive sales then you can buy from there, yeah don’t worry, we can’t all splurge, we exist too, and please don’t see this as I’m bashing those who can, I’m just saying theres other sides to the blogging world and you know what there’s part for everyone.

Yes the struggle is real, and it’s ok. You are not alone.


2 thoughts on “The Struggles 

  1. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I find myself looking through Instagram and thinking “why don’t I have a perfect life like that?” People can decide what they put on social media and since we don’t like to talk about our flaws and the terrible things that happened to us, we only see the beautiful things. We tend to think that it is their life, but it is so much more. Every time I go on social media I have to remind myself that it is just a part of their life, not all. Social media tricks us in believing that struggle doesn’t exist, but like you said it is there. Everyone struggles with something.

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