Anxiety On The Rise


Dogs hairs and all on my tracksuit in the pic, with Holly gracing her presence, don’t you just love her floppy ears. Something that niggles at me, is how much anxiety gets exposure, but not always the full picture. How anxiety came form when someone is housebound, had a form of trauma, stressful jobs, peer pressure, family pressure, the list goes on..

For me, being disabled, chronically ill, having mental health there are so many levels you deal with. And for me it’s like when someone complains they have a cold/flu, you body is drained, mood is low for a week, and get back into action feel good again, well for me and so many others, we have no idea what pain free day is like anymore, we have to becomeย accommodated to the pain, when theres flare ups/other health problems on top, our moods go into, what more stuff on top. Social media can be great having an outreach, but can also be a bitch, make you feel like missing out things. And by no means am I in the pity party oh worries me, as I’m typing this, I’m thankful I can type today without my hands clamming up, seizing. I want to bring awareness of anxiety from different point of view, by no means am I belittling someone who has it, doesn’t have chronic illness, as it’s still anxiety at the end of the day. But be aware of other reasons why someone has anxiety, just like a lot who suffers, going new places, heavily busy areas, meeting new people, for me it’s having new carers, not wanting a non epileptic seizure to happen in public, not over doing it, causing more pain upon myself, is there access to disabled toilet when I’m out, my journeys planned, etc etc. My anxiety started when I became seriously ill, housebound, months at time not leaving my home because I was bedridden, my whole life changed, from having social life, going to uni, living active life, to not been able to feed myself, go toilet on my own, had to be clothed and washed, so yes the outside world became distant memory, felt separated, as time went on, gained bit more strength but the damage had already been done, then throw in the non epileptic seizures in, nightmares with that, yes anxiety strikes up. I’m human. You think life is stressful enough right, bills, boring adult stuff, then you add in PAIN, it’s different for everybody. I just want anxiety to be the whole picture, not the fashion trend that every blogger has it, Youtubers that diagnoses themselves, I truly dislike that, always go to the doctors, don’t tell your wide audience about anxiety when you not even been diagnosed, however there are Youtubers out there, speak their truths, talk about being on meds for it and bloggers too. I do want to touch onto subjects on my blog, about mental and physical health more, as for some reason feel like under dog, need to represent for those who can’t speak, or might not want to blog or do videos, that I can voice just that tiny piece, of what we go through. Don’t worry anyone that speaks to me, I would never air your business, only blog about it if you wanted me too.

So you must be wondering why this pic for this topic, well I’m always abstract, it’s reminder to those anxiety can come in any shape or form, anxiety can even make people wheelchair bound, as consultants have told me, they have seen patients in wheelchair because of it, they do ask me am I, mine are for different reasons, nonetheless it’s about educating. If you think you might have anxiety, please visit a doctor, don’t be ashamed, get the right help, you need and deserve.

If you have any questions, or you want to share your own experience with me, just leave it in the comment section, or email me if you want it private. My email details are in my About Me section on my blog.

Right, I’m finally going to push the publish button, and yes get anxious about posting, will anybody see this post, putting myself out there, am I doing the right thing, so before I change my mind, here it is, ANXIETY, post!!!

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