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Fibro Fun Day Event

Raising Awareness, so many people have it, yet hardly anybody has ever heard of it/about it. The event took place in beautiful gorgeous building, historic and simple was perfect. So blessed that we had wonderful weather considering lately all it’s done has rained. Best believe we enjoyed the sun immensely.

Kingswood House, London.

Had variety of different activities, things for the kids bouncy castle, face painting, arts&crafts, football and more.. Food wise you had fruit, cakes- cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, candy, and Caribbean food on offer. Handmade jewellery that was sold, which I bought couple, that will be in separate post, as I will be doing a giveaway, coming very soon, oh yes bought extra for my readers, toys, books, and other accessories. Dance act performances which were all good. Raffle. Advice for sufferers.
There was a support group which I found the most beneficial, actually meeting others face to face who has fibromyalgia, we all could relate to one another, so refreshing and touching hearing about each others experiences. Learning about techniques on how to soothe the body. Then there was relaxation class, which was just what the doctor ordered. Having chit chat with others. Sense of community, which I loved. Even helped give insight (a snippet) to our friends/families on what we go through on daily basis. I know it educated Jo who was my partner for the day hehe (my friend that came along with me). We both enjoyed the day, so glad  attended, met some lovely people. Everybody who was involved  working for this cause and shall continue too should feel proud, thank you, insert smiley face, as even those myself included who wasn’t involved, still deserves a well done as we all know it’s not easy, just going out is a mission. Gentle soft pat on the back to all.
Please if you know anybody with fibromyalgia, please do tell them about this website, even if you don’t have it and want to know more, worth checking out either way.

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